Lynn Peeples Inducted to AMHA Breeders Hall of Fame

The 2016 Super Convention was a huge hit for horsemen in many breeds, but for Waterford Farm it was a memorable event for a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for Lynn as he was inducted into the American Morgan Horse Association’s Breeders Hall of Fame.

As printed in the February/March issue of The Morgan Horse:

Since before he registered that first baby colt in 1977, Lynn Peeples has been a breeder; it’s in his head and obviously his heart. For almost 40 years, Lynn has been breeding Morgans for long-term advancement of the breed. He is the only Morgan breeder in history to be listed as the breeder of four World Champion Stallions, accounting for eight World Champion Stallion victories. The names Pot Of Gold, Man About Town LPS, Man In Motion and LPS The Boogie Man are not just champions, but have gone on to sire a generation of champions. Lynn has been a dedicated breeder who has continued to breed fine Morgans in pursuit of continuing the legacy of the wonderful breed of horse to which he is devoted personally and professionally.

Man In Motion

Lynn presents Man In Motion to one of his two World Champion Stallion titles.

His contributions will affect many generations of horses and horsemen as he continues to study horses, learn their strengths, and work to improve this great breed.

We are so proud of our fearless leader! Congratulations, Lynn, on receiving the recognition you so deserve!

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